You can specify your search in your own archive by using search operators. Here are the most common used for searching in Pulse:

  • Sometimes a word has different endings. To ensure you search for all endings you can use a star at the end of it. E.g. apple*

  • If you wish to search for a sentence, a name, or something else that is in a string of words, you should use quotation marks. E.g. “red apple”

  • If you use OR between search words, you can search for different things or alternatives at the same time. E.g. “red apple” OR banana* OR kiwi

  • If you use AND you can search for the hits where different search words have to appear in the same hit. E.g. organic AND fruit*

  • You can use NOT to exclude certain words. If your search contains more words it should be wrapped in parentheses E.g. (organic AND fruit) NOT oranges

  • If you want to search for a hashtag you can use tags. E.g. tags:fruit

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